Hot Start Button

Which one do you guy's recommend? I am trying to find info on the different ones, and which one works the best. Thanks, Ron S


I installed the Terry Cable Hot Start Kit on my 00 YZ426. While it has made it much easier to get to the switch on the bars compaired to searching underneath the IMS 3.2 tank, I've found that hot starting hasn't been as reliable as when using the stock unit.



OvertheBars, that is interesting. I have bought the hot start button but haven't installed it yet. Do you have any theories as to why you don't think it works as well?

Thanks, P

Hello Ron I have installed the TERRY CABLE (Ty Davis) Hot Start on my WR426 2001. I don't notice a difference in starting, but it is much easier up on the bars then searching under the tank. Good Luck Ride safe and ride often.

The TY Hot Start is a must have for racing, especially dead engine starts. If you just trail ride you can get by without one. The Hot Start saved my Butt many times. I noticed a big improvement over stock. My 2 cents.


According to the instructions that came with the kit, you may have to play with position of the sensor to achieve proper results. The unit has a "Timing Mark" on it which should be at the 7 oclock position as you screw it in and tighten it down. I haven't played with that position yet. Note: I'm not quoting the Terry Cable instructions verbatim, just going from memory which is a scary thought.

I'm not saying that there's a problem with the Terry Cable kit. It's very convenient to have it up on the bars. I did have an instance where I must have accidentally bumped the hot start switch and rode for a couple of miles wondering why my bike was running like crap. Doh! My problem may be contributed to operator error, dunno. I do know that I was able to start the bike pretty easily with the stock unit, and now it's kind of hit and miss.

All in all bro I wouldn't ride without it though as my fat @ss tends to fall off the bike if I have to reach down that low. That's my 3 cents (got a pay raise).



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