I want a different flavor dualsport. Suggestions?

I currently ride a tagged 2000 XR650R. While it's great fun and definitely fast, a few things get to me. The thing gets hot, doesn't have a sixth gear, is a relative pain to kick over when stalled (quite often, might I add), and the capital offense is the weight! It's unwieldy in any situation outside of fast, wide open trail. It's magic there, though. So the idea is to maintain a modicum of comfort and usability on the road while dramatically decreasing weight and improving handling, and the button is required, unless it's a smoker. I really like the idea of an 07-up WR450F or other late model KTM 450/525+. Honda 450X or Kaw KLX450R would fit the bill as well, if they can be found for under 4 grand. Tell me if I'm crazy for considering a tagged KTM 300 xc-w? I'm unsure about the road manners and usability of a two stroke as a dual sport mount. I keep coming back and thinking of how great the WR could be.

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