just ordered some Gaerne sg12's

I just ordered some Gaerne sg12's and was wondering what you guys think about them.

My problem is that I had some Sidi crossfires srs and they were too narrow for my feet.

the articulation on those is the best I have ever tried and it made riding pretty easy on shifting and braking. My problem is when off the bike my feet begin to swell from the narrow front area and it makes it impossible to have a good ride after that.

Feels a lot like , when you work barefooted , standing on concrete for several hours.

Hope these fit well.


It sounds like you may be flat footed. I am also pretty flat footed as well. The garne sg-12 have a huge arch in them. I find that uncomfortable. I also don't like upswept toe portion. They're roomy though and think they'd work for that. Had a couple of friends wear them and they like them.

I went and tried the sg-10 and the sg-12's on and went with the sg-10 because I also have a wide foot and they fit wider than the 12's. Were you able to try these on before you ordered them?


Seems kinda silly to spend $400+ on boots that you haven't tried on..

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i have the 12s,  i have wide feet and high arches.  they are super comfy.  i can wear'em all day.  they also articulate very well, i assume similar to the sidi.

I spent little over 400 on crossfires without trying them on. You can always send them back. Reviews of the crossfire 2's have stated that they are wider than the original version. First high end pair of boots I have owned. Love them. I wear a 9D carolina work boot and the 9.5 crossfire fits comfortably.

Love them.



Ive had both Sidi and Gaerne. Both great boots. I like the Gaernes a little more. Fit better outta the box very comfortable...almost like slippers or a worn in pair of sneakers.  I like the hinge,liner and upper cuff on the Gaernes better too....  I paid less than what crossfire srs TAs go for too.


Have not tried or even seen the the Crossfire 2's in person maybe Sidi closed the gap a little?

My opinion

I prefer the Crossfire over the SG12 .. The SG12 is a very good boot .

+1 on the sg 12's.....i have fred flinstone feet (wide n flat) i love my sg12's.....the durability,comfort, and price are hard to beat....plus the full upper of the boot accommodates knees braces very well

Love my sg12's. Super comfy yet very supportive. Ya they're a little tall in the box so just raise the shifter a notch. Buckles are top notch too.

SG12's are amazing.  Might feel tight on your ankles the first couple days, but they'll break in.

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