stator problems 09 DRZ400SM

anyone had problems with the stator 

a problem happened overnight

exhaust is good, tight

jetting is set just finejets are cleaned, clear

tank is flushed, clean

air filter is clean.

tested for leaks at carb boots. all good

plug burned great, replaced plug just to make sure

all is good BUT

it pops under wide open throttle at high rpms (don't have a tach so I don't know what rpm exactly) 

is it the stator?????

btw the battery is new shorai lithium battery

starts every time

headlamp is very bright

no electrical problems EXCEPT my current problem.....

You can disconnect the stator from the reg/rec and try

Like the Shorai?? I'm impressed with the speed it turns the engine over, catches immediately now instead of a laborious crank.

What model bike?

What carb?

What jetting?

Could be the p/u coil, but time to diagnose it properly

(not like I did....rushing out to buy a stator that sits gathering dust)


1st question is has anything changed and what have you touched on the bike?

Then follow Mickeydee's advice

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Misfires at WOT? Are you on the rev limiter?

thanks for the replies

2009 DRZ400sm

not on the rev limiter

fmf power bomb core IV exhaust

jd jet kit

all jets are clean,float bowl ok, all carb concerns, jet size, needle position, vacuum etc all ok

k&n filter cleaned and oiled properly

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