DRZ 400 tire compatibility


I'm looking to get some DRZ 400e/s dirt tires to convert my DRZ 400sm for dirt riding. My question: can I use any year DRZ 400e/s dirt tire for my 2009 DRZ sm? I have read many links that the e/s tire will go right on the SM and the only modifications are using the SM calibers/spacers. My main question is regaurding the front tire speedo- what year 400 e/s tire will be compatible for speedo hook up? FYI-I'm looking at a set of 2005 400e to put on my 2009 sm. thanks!

I think you are asking about wheel sets.  Tires are the black rubber things.


Yes all year E or S wheels front and rear fit the SM and are compatible with the speedo drive.

Thanks for making me laugh and for the info. I have never had a way with words...

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