Switching oil type is it bad?

Having issues with shifting gears and bike is brand new doesnt even have 3 hours. The only thing diffrent from out the dealership is the oil that I changed after the break in which i put rotella t6( reccomended by many people in the forum) . But seems after that oil change the shifting problem happend.


Is it bad to switch oil brands or types? Like if you running synthetic is it bad to go to a semi synthetic?



guess oil questions are now bike specific....

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switch oil its awesome

Some manufacturers spec break in oil to be used for a specific amount of time...

yeah when breaking in bike you should run same break in oil like original monk stated ... id recommend doing a change and go back to synthetic for atleast next three changes at that point it should clear out clutch issues. after bike is broken in then should be able to run rotella t6 and maybe alittle 2 stroke premix oil to lube :) .......id invest in magnetic drain plug to cause i bet you have shavings in case bottom from break in switch ... clear it out and ride :)

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