Thoughts on best Offroad suspension company Australia

Hey guys in Australia

Just wondering on your thoughts of the best Offroad suspension company in Australia? All the company's in South Australia I haven't had much luck with

I'm leaning towards sending mine of to Chads Offroad Suspension is Geelong Victoria


He some more info

I've for a 2013 rmz250 which has SFF forks from factory, I have Race tech springs set up for my weight and Gold valve front and rear and 5cc less fork oil from factory

Main problem I have is forks not being plush and not confidence inspiring I've played with the clickers to no avail......

Take out some face shims on the base valve, I did a tutorial for it. If you search sff how to

Ive heard good things about Shock Treatment (Sydney), Suspension Matters ( South Queensland) and Chads. Postage will be the same to each location.

Thanks @Rotaholic ill try that :)

Cheers StuartO Suspension matters looks good just by looking at there website and seeing there testimonials, Another plus is that they deal with race tech which is what my suspension all ready is so they'd have some good knowledge

Thanks for the info guys

As per Stuart. They are the 3 main players in Aus. Best advice would be to give them a call and discuss your options. You'll naturally decide which one you want to go with.

Terry (Shock Treatment) is great to deal with, very passionate and happy to spend time discussing suspension with you, his younger workers are like all young blokes there days, must get sore backs from carrying all the chips on their shoulders. Bring your wallet though.


Have bought parts from Chads and service was great, guy on the phone was a nuffy but Chad was fine. Chad has an affiliation with MX-Tech and is local supplier for SKF seals and Mx-tech components.


Heard good things about Dave at suspension matters also


Have dealt with Ian Whiteman at Pro Moto Suspension in Singleton, Whitey is a great guy who doesn't bullshit you or push products which your skill level may never notice are fitted. Whitey actually sent me a set of OEM fork pistons and set of shims to try for free, highly rate him. A heap of the local guys use him and I can see why.


Other players in the game are Axis Motorsports in Newcastle (unknown), Teknic Motorsports in Penrith (haven't heard the best)

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