cr250 piston

please help


does a 92 01 cr 250 piston ave a flat top or domed.

I'm pretty sure those years are flat top, don't forget google or the search function though

I have searched and it appears they are flat tops for that age just wanted to check, I am changing an 89 based engine with esr billett head and he only has domes for flat top pistons.

I just melted a namura piston at 11000 rpm running to weak.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380643667.945305.jpg

Hahaha that's pretty nasty looking, yeah don't buy namura, I've heard bad things, I use wiseco or wossner, just to avoid worst case scenario, and couldn't you have just looked at your melted piston?

My 95 and9 6 were domed top but my 97 and 0, were flat tops.

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