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Neutral switch, Djebel

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Im looking to order a (37720-13E00) neutral switch.. I wanted to convert my DRZ250 to on-road at some point. The acewell speedo offers a neutral light and I would like to setup the bike to use this feature. Just for fit and finish reasons. The bike has a neutral switch location that just has a cover and o-ring with no actual switch installed.. Was looking at the dr650, drz400 and the dr200se switches from the same year but all the parts look different. Finally figured out the djebel has what im looking for, even found a part number.As far as I can tell the part is not sold in the USA because this bike was never offered in the states. How would I go about getting one of these? Any help would be appreciated! Numbers 32 - 36 are all for the switch. The other picture is the stock drz250 setup.


Update: I found one thats real close, might even work. The O- ring has the same measurements atleast. No clue if the two bikes neutral is in the same position on the shift cam though.

gearshift djebel.png

drz250 gearshift.gif

dr350 gear shift.gif

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