06 yz250 seat

I'm looking to get a new seat cover and I found a couple on eBay but none of then are for an 06 yz250. Will a seat cover for an 01 yz250 or an 07 yz250f fit on my seat? Thanks

Both of those seats are different. Your seat is the same as 02-14 yz250 2strokes

But will the seat cover fit on there? I wouldn't think they would be that different.

I'm sure u could make them fit I don't know how pretty it would be tho because those seats are shaped quite a bit differently and are smaller

I'm not sure why you would try tho man there are tons of seat covers for the 02 and up yzs. Try sdg they make nice seat covers just search sdg seat. They even sell complete seats for like 116

The 1996-2001 and 2002 & up YZ seat covers can be interchanged, but the fits aren't perfect.


The older seats are longer than the newer ones, so wrapping the end can be tricky.


We managed to get a newer seat cover fitted onto our 2001 YZ. It turned out fine, but it took some clever work by the installer.


Good luck, and report back with what you do!

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2006+ seat is taller than 02-05. The 10-13 450 seat cover fits if stretched properly.

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