Motul 15w60?

Hi, I always put 10w40 motul 300v in my 2010 kxf 250 with no problems, can I run 15w60 300v with no problem? Thanks for the answer! :)

Btw I do not want to create a debate on what brand of oil is better than the other just want to know if i'm good to go with 15w60 grade or I better stick with the 10w40 :rolleyes:

Fine, no debate. The only concern I ever had with 15W was cold flow. Some use Rotella 15W with no issues. Me to be among them soon. Run it for a while with the 15W then check the filter. If it looks like an hour glass when you pull it, don't use the oil. If it holds it's shape, roll with it.

Thank you! I will keep a look at my filter and let it warm a little longer!

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