Suzuki SP400 / DR400

Hi and thank you for taking the time to read this post.


I have just completed a top end rebuild of a Dr400 and need to know if I have the cam chain set up correctly.


I have set the piston to TDC as in the photo.



Bike and The Dene 034.JPG




What I need to know is if I have the cam chain sprocket in the correct position. The notch at the end of the cam shaft is parallel with the cylinder head and pointing to the inlet side. Have done this as I have an Sp370 manual, however there seems to be slight variations between the two models. 



Bike and The Dene 035.JPG



This is what is waiting for the engine,



Bike and The Dene 036.JPG



Thanks in advance, and hope you can see the photos. They look small in the preview.





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