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A YZ noob's first day

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Hey guys, finally got my 02 250 in good enough shape to take it out for the first time. I bought/traded this bike thinking it only needed swingarm bearings and a piston. It ended up needing everything...piston (Wiseco), cylinder replate (Powerseal), crank/bearings (Hot Rods crank, All Balls bearings), all new shock/linkage/swingarm bearings (MSR, All Balls), chain/sprockets (DID ERT2, Talon front/rear), and a whole lot of other little odds and ends. I did all the work except for the replate myself, so I kept some costs down, but it was much more than I planned on getting into. Good thing is I have, essentially, a new decade old bike :)


Anyways, took it out for its first ride on Sunday. Initially, I was having problems with the carb as it was peeing out gas due to a poorly adjusted float and some trash in the seat. Got it cleaned up and it idled well and revved to the moon. Took it out Sunday to a "track" about an hour east of me. It was really a field with some trails in the woods and rocky paths that were unkempt. I'd really like a better area to actually practice and get good. I'd be interested in getting into hare scrambles at some point as well. I'm a noob, but I'm doing everything I can to get better quick. Probably will be taking some private lessons as well.


As for the day of riding, it was awesome. Only my second day ever on a dirt bike. First outing was on my sisters 05 TTR 125 and was fun except for when my nephew cut me off mid corner and I dumped it to avoid hitting him. Busted the clutch lever on a lowside. My sis' bf then let me ride his 01 KX250 after hauling off the 125. I didn't really think about it and got caught in some small jumps. I went over the first one and cased it into the second gving me some nasty whiskey throttle. I saw the bike fly away from me and I prob flew from about 10 feet onto the footpeg brusing the hell out of my shin. Probably would have shattered the bone if it wasn't for some Gaerne SG-10s I was wearing. Not even a scratch on em.


Sunday was great though. My gf rode my sis' bike and I took mine out for the first time. Took it easier and practiced some figure 8's in a field to get a feel for the turn-in and followed her around the trails. It was god-awful fast when I tiptoed into the powerband, but I wasn't confident enough to really open it up. Plus, I was still working through some 15:1 break in mix. All in all, it was a great day, I think I rode for 2 total hours at least (I have an hour meter to be installed) and I'm absolutely hooked. I've been a street rider with an 09 zx6r and now an 06 R1, but I find myself working on my YZ all the time and looking for the next time to take it out.


Here's a couple pics of the two Yams :)





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