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350 EXC or 500 EXC

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I currently own a Yamaha WR250R Dual Sport.  I'm really happy with it, except for two complaints - a bit heavy, a bit underpowered. 


I've been eyeing the EXC 500 as a potential second bike with a bit more power, when I noticed the new 350 too!  Both bikes are almost 50 lbs lighter than the WR, which is great.


I'm wondering if the 350 will have enough extra power, over the WR250 to make the purchase justified?  Should I just go for the 500?  I'm hoping somebody has ridden both the Yamaha and either of the KTMs.


Also, I keep hearing the 500 is a bit tame!?  The only bike I ever road over a 250CC was an older Honda CR500 2-stroke MX bike.  That thing had explosive power, so I am having a hard time imagining any 500cc as tame .  Does the 4-stroke non-MX make that big of a difference?




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The 350 will have considerably more power than your 250.

The 500 is pretty tame, but it has loads of torque.

Either one will do you, just depends on where you are riding. Open stuff get the 500, tight woods go for the 350.

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