ok ..splitfire/Mitch Payton KX 125?

obviously I am calling major BS on this as anyone would ... but seriously whats the deal with the simple green graphics?? never seen them on a 94-98 KX .. and its supposed to be a 97 model but owned by MP in 98? .. it does have a flo green frame and the pre printed number plate backrounds with numbers do match the graphics .... I dunno I have seen alot of BS race bikes but something seems odd about this one .. the front fork stickers mimmick the 97-98 splitfire graphics and it is true to the simple green bikes with the white plastics and flo green frame?? just kind of strange... and not sure what the coffee stained paper with MP's name on it is all about ... I dunno guys something seems strange about this bike???  I have never seen these graphics on a 94-98 kx and to be spot on with the backgrounds and flo green frame?? seems like a lot of work for some dumbass to do back in the late 90s?? ... I am in no way saying this is a REAL Mitch race bike ... but whats everyones take on this old CL find??




like I said ... I know this is some hill billy with a kx that thinks its an old race bike .. obviously the motor looks like a stocker ... did they make these graphic kits for this gen kx?? and looks like someone went way out of there way to make this thing look like a simple green era kx ... hell I dunno just curious of the feed back on this stupid thing lol


You never know if he is telling the truth or not, most of the times the factory parts and goodies will be stripped from the bike. So what you have is a beat to hell stock bike that was off loaded on someone to help race team costs.

Ive seen that kit on K models before. Thats not really an issue. Being owned by Mitch Payton may be something. Bu I dont think its a Works bike or X Racer or anything. Typically there would be 2 waterpump guard mounting tabs on the engine cradle and lots of measurements marked onthe engine. Lots of info on Vital with pics. PC buying a one year old bike is weird though. Would like some other takes on it. Looks clean!

I plan to build a 1999 splitfire kx125


I have the 99 splitfire graphics and more

pro circuit ran the  simple green graphics in 2002

n-style did make pc simple green graphics for 94-98 KXs 


for those who had older bikes kx 94-98


but the simple green graphics are for 2002

don't know how to upload  pics ? 

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.need help

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it don't work

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.cant post pics

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Call him up

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