426f submerged in water

hey was out for a ride yesterday, and while going threw a fairly deep and long puddle I hit a log that threw me off the bike. the bike fell into the puddle and quickly died. anyway I changed the oil 4 times and there dose not  appear to any more water in the oil and bike is running excellent. my question is is there spose to be a cover on the top of the air box? there appears to be holes for a cover to bolt on there under the seat just wondering if there should be one there. ive done some searching and cant find any info on it. thx the bikes a 2000 yz426f

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Those holes are for the snorkel that was removed. It wouldn't have helped if it was there. It's one of the mods done to the bike to make it breathe better. 

Make sure you occasionally check the drain on the bottom of the airbox.  If it plugs up with gunk and you submerge the bike, the airbox will retain all the water and immediately push humongous amounts of water into the engine when you try to restart it.  Check it every time you ride just to be sure.  Trust me on this one... :)

Sorry to hear! If it makes ya feel any better....I took my wr for a swim yesterday as well!

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