wr250f jet problem

i have a 2008 yamaha wr250f and i have read that with some of these bike people are having problems with the pilot jet unthreading its and falling into the bowl. i recently have had this proble and i simply screwed the jet back in but it keeps slowly unthreading itself and causing to much feul to get in to the engine. how do i prevent this from happening anymore?

I've never heard of this happening in 35 years.

I would buy a brand new jet. 

Do not put anything on the threads.

Me either

When I took of my bowl my jet was lying in the bottom. It has an aftermarket jet but from what I have heard it isn't a problem with the jet but with were the jet actually screws into

Ive never had the problem i would look at threads on jet and in carb if all looks ok then id suspect it wasnt tight whwn installed .

Ok I will Ty this and I will let you know if it happens again

If you are not using a Keihin jet, (FMF, Dynojet) that is your problem.

i am using a dyno jet

i am using a dyno jet

Yeah, they are pretty crappy in quality.




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