Enzo sub tanks

Will the enzo sub tanks help with the harshness on the stock 2011 forks? Or do I need to go inside the forks again? This is for off road! The rear seems good the front is real harsh on the little stuff!

I never had the enzo tanks, but I used the framebreaker FVO tanks on my Honda CRFs (05 and 07), and then moved them to my '13 450SXF. They work really well to make a plush initial stroke with identical bottoming characteristics as the setup without them. 


The framebreaker tanks have a needle dial setting screw that can meter how much air can flow between them and the fork so you can dial on the best setting for your needs.


Now that I am on a 13 KX with the airforks I cant use them anymore, but I am keeping them in case I get a set of regular forks on my next bike. They work that well. :)


No tanks required.  You can make your 2011 forks as plush as you want. Those babies are low friction. Any spikes are either from wrong settings (springs, shim stacks, oil volume), oil servicing being over due or install misalignment.


What springs do you have? What do you weigh? What type of riding? Do you service your own forks?

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