36 pwk jetting question

Hello guys I have a 36 pwk non quadvent jist plain pwk carb that I need to know what jetting and needle I should have for 0-5000 feet elevation and seattle weather 50-70 degrees. I have a fresh rebuild I plan on firing up and need some good jetting for trails a little on the rich side please and thanks for the help. I had the tmx before this so am not sure where to start. I will get my carbs jet sizes tomorrow for reference. Thanks guys

I have the 36 air striker on my 06 cr250 and am running a 42 pilot, 175 main. I found I needed to be a little leaner than the guys running 38mm carbs. Maybe start at 45 pilot 180 main and work from there?

Thanks man I ran a cek needle on 3rd position and a 42 pilot and 175 main this weekend. Temps between 60-75f. And the bike ran hard and was easy to start but I had a lot of black spooge after some wide open dessert riding which could have been just blowout from the silencer. The bike does smoke pretty good at start up until warm so the pilot may be a tad rich. I hate to change it too much due to the fact it runs so good.

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