CR 500, rebuilt and won't run

Just finished rebuilding my first 500, a 91. Just got the cylinder re-sleeved, new piston and rings, new spark plug, checked the carb and everything. All new fluids. Everything seemed good so I took it outside and it started in about 5 kicks. But being a 500 rookie, I killed it, and now I've kicked it 100 times and it won't start again. I've waiting for an hour and tried again, won't start. It fires a little bit, but won't start. It seems like there is a lot of gas pouring out of the carb when I tip it.

I think it has a 172 and 48 jets? I don't remember exactly it was about a month ago. And I'm at about 800 ft

I'm searched around but didn't see anything, so thank you for any help!

Have you checked, or set, your float level? Usually fuel coming out the over-flow lines when you tilt the bike is an indication that the bike is flooded, and the floats may be out of adjustment. Could be you have let it sit for a while without fuel in the bowl and now the float is stuck in the down position & not controlling the flow of fuel.


I would pull the float bowl off and have a look at what's going on.

Hmm good call I'll have to look into that! I took the carb apart and looked at it, it seemed to be pretty free, but that could have changed, thanks!

Also install new spark plug. Could be fouled.

It's supposed to run out of the overflow when ya tip it. 16mm is where the float height should be set if it's a pwk, not sure about the old school PJ.

I had a new 1989 back in the day. When this happened it was always the float.

Thanks all for the super quick responses I appreciate it!

if its a pj you want to be somewhere around 55p

Great call on the float height! Fixed it right up and ran it for a while today.

Another question though, I'm getting ready to do a aluminum frame conversion with my 02 CR250.

Can I use my FMF turbine core 2 silencer on the 500 engine and head pipe?

Yeah been there before ha, don't want that again! I guess I'll just put the money out for a new muffler. Thanks for the info!

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