cr 125 rc valve troubles

hey guys i have 2004 cr 125. 

iv heard from many people that the rc valve is junk i also do not like them at all i was wondering how i can completely get rid of it. what year cylinder so i dont have any power valve at all. and what i have to do to it any help would be great thanks!!!!!!

just disconnect it from it's power source, and then wire it so it's allways in the fully open position. you really won't be missing anything, 125's don't need power valves. no bike does for that matter, depending on what you use your bike for and how and where you ride it. I'm inclined to wire my powervalve in the fully open position on my 06' cr250. then all that saved energy will make a stronger spark at the plug.

The rc valve isn't junk and its actually very simple to work on if you have a basic understanding of it. Your 04 is the only year the 125 had an electronically controlled rc valve. I don't know for sure if an 02-03 or 05-07 cylinder would fit on your cases, but honestly I don't see it being worth the hassle unless you wanted to try and put on the 05-07 and run a big bore kit. Those cylinders can be bored out a little larger than the 00-04 cylinders if I recall correctly. And trust me you don't want to run your 125 without a power valve. If your buddy is the one giving you this advise then do yourself a favor and don't go to him for dirtbike related advise. If you plan on working on your bike then you need a factory service manual. It's not an option. You can download just the PDF version for very cheap right off the Internet or get on eBay and buy the book. If you have any questions you can't figure out after reading the manual then ask us first so you don't mess up your bike. This site is a wealth of knowledge if you look for it.

When in doubt, just disconnect power and run it fully open all the time. whats wrong with it curt ? ever tried it ?

Alright but I do need a new cylinder because mines cracked and I just want to eliminate the vavles what year cylinder do I need.???

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