Need honest TT member opinions on my next ride

TT crew,

I trust that I will get honest opinions/ reviews from all of you, so here is my position. I currently have a Yamaha 450, which I like and will be keeping. I like all brands of bikes and I am being serious when I say that. There is no junk made IMO. With that being said I am leaning towards a low hours used or new KTM and Honda (size displacement open).

With multiple fuel filters, E start, NM torque specs, bearing recalls and fuel pump problems they seem high maintenance!? Not including suspension issues or is that coming from Dungey reports? Kinda like Bubba on the YZ???

Thx Jason

My experience with KTM is that they are easy to work on compared to Japanese bikes and they require very little other than air filters and oil. I've riden Hondas and yamahas and the new KTMs are comparable handling wise.


Thank you for the reply! The board is littered with stupid post like mine but its the reassurance I guess I

Spoke just today with a kid that rides for magazines and works testing at a aftermarket exhaust company.

He said he owns Kawis BUT if he was gonna buy a bike tomorrow he would have a hard time not getting a 2013 KTM 450 SX-F!

All I needed + Thx Thorn.


Not to throw a wrench in your plans, but i had a 13 450sxf and loved it. But then I bought a 13 KX450 because they were rebating them pretty good and i couldnt pass it up.

Long story short - it took 2 motos to get comfortable on the Kawi. Conversely it took about 6-8 weeks to figure out the ktm and get it dialed.

Both bikes are really really good. The ktm is a little more durable and has more high end parts but the kawi just does everything well.

Anyway, all the current bikes can be good with just a few tweaks, suspension, etc. I bought the KTM originally because I wanted something different than a japanese bike (I had Honda and Yamaha before) and that was fun. I'm sure I'll own another KTM at some point but I'll probably buy a Suzuki next because I have never had one of those!


So just buy whichever color/brand you'll be happy owning and get a nice deal on. You really can't go wrong.

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