Coolant, oil, ect

Just bought a 95 cr250 2stroke. I'm just wondering for some opinions on coolant, oil, all other liquids. Everything ill need to change or upkeep. Also some good gas mixture oil. Its my first 2 stroke. And any help I can get would be awesome.

Use Preston for the coolant. I use 32:1 or 8oz of oil to two gallons of fuel I used super tech two stroke oil from wal mart on my 96 cr250 and my other bike's you don't need to use that over rated two stroke oil thats expensive just wasting your money never had a problem I ride my bike's hard on super tech 32:1 never blew up a bike. keep your chain in check and lubricated. 85w honda hp gear oil worked on transmission or 10w 40 castrol never put any synthetic oil in your transmission! And that's about it you have an awesome bike just keep the mixture right.

The super tech two stroke oil from wal mart come in 8oz bottles only a $1.25 cheap mix it with two gallons of gas your good to go.

And me I like to change all the fluids like the coolant and transmission oil when ever I get a new bike.

Ok you are going to go to walmart and buy:


-Gallon jug of supertech 2 stroke mix

-"Ratio rite" mixing cup

-Gallon of cheap supertech non-synthetic 10-40 oil (make sure it doesn't say "energy conserving" on the back)

-Gallon of premixed automotive coolant


Then you go online or to the bike store and buy:

-Two no toil air filters

-No toil air filter cleaning pack

-2 spark plugs


And you will be mostly set. Mix the gas 32:1, change the air filter regularly, and keep an extra plug with you.

Most of the time I can't find the 1 gallon jug of super tech where I live ha

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I can ship it to you if you pay me $$$

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