09 yz450f hesitation? Stator?

Hi all, so as stated I have an 09 yz450f that has a hesitation(miss) at steady throttle. I tried researching and found many different things causing similar problems for others. so I began checking for exhaust leaks, broken or bare wires, even got into the carb and cleaned it all out checked the needle, changed needle position, switched out a few pilot jets, unplugged the tps, and checked the valves again. Still runs the same. So now im to the stator, I was going to check it for metal shavings on the pickups and such and didn't really find any. But I did find on the one coil a black spot and thought it looked like maybe something shorted out in there? Is there a way I can check this with a multimeter or something to verify that its bad before I drop money to buy a new one? any help with this would be much appreciated, this hesitation is getting quite frustrating       :confused:



The tests are in the manual.  They don't always catch 100% of the bad stators, though.  A broken wire can sometimes make good enough contact to ring out OK with a VOM.  Slap it on the bench a couple of times with the leads hooked up, see if it changes things.

I have a 2009 YZ450F that had a hesitation, the hesitation is in the ignition,I tried jetting with no luck as well, do search there is alot of info out there


I purchased a MSD ignition and had Jesse at Williams MotoWerx put one of his custom maps in and the hesitation is gone and bike has more power, Love it !!

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