Clutch lever perch

I just bought a standard "not a name brand" yz250 clutch lever, perch off of ebay



I will be racing, did I make a mistake buying one for $16? Will this do me fine for racing or do you need a $60 clutch lever, perch?



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You don't "need" a $60 clutch lever. And the $16 one should work fine. Personally, I prefer the stock OEM one, as the pull ratio just seems better than most of the aftermarket ones.


Make sure to put a layer of thread tape underneath the clamping area of the perch, and only snug the mounting bolts up enough to keep it from moving on it's own. This will allow it to rotate in the advent of a crash instead of breaking.

The only advantage to buying an aftermarket lever is the fact that most of them are unbreakable. I personally run stock levers because a few $16 levers are better than a $160+ aftermarket set. Unless of course you need the assurance that if you go down in a race that the lever will always be there when you get up.

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