Read my plug please

I'm am new to two cycle dirt bikes this year and I've spent several months learning how to jet properly. I think my current setup is very close, but would like verification from more experienced tuners. It feels good when riding, but I fear running too lean.


1997 wr250

mikuni carb

380 main

1 clip up on needle

40 pilot

air screw out 2 turns





I wish mine would look like that!

how did you do the plug chop?  3rd gear loaded up and cut the bike off?  or did you let it idle and then cut it off?


Plug looks very clean but maybe a little wet.  The thing thats odd is the ceramic has a darker brown section on the end on one side. 


How long as the plug been in?  What oil and ratio are you running?  I like mine to look like this if possible.



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