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New tires and tube questions?

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Buying some new tires for my DRZ-400e.

90/100-21 front

110/100-18 rear

I have read lots of options of weather to replace the tubes when replacing the tires. I've decided to replace the tubes. New tires=new tubes.

I want the heavy duty/thicker tubes.

I have found the matching tube for the rear; 110/100-18.

Here's my question. I can't find a 90/100-21 heavy duty tube for the front. Will a 80/100-21 fit?

Any disadvantage from putting a slightly smaller tube in the front? Will it make a difference?

Also should I put on new rim strips?

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80/100 - 21 tube will be fine.  A 90/100 tire is kind of an odd size.  80/100, 90/90 are common.  Where did you find an 90/100? And why an 90/100 front when you are staying with a fairly small 110/100rear?  It will be fine, I'm just curious.


Yes new rim strips too.  Not critical but they do get warn.

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