Graphics V's plastics V's paint

Looking to darken my florescent white/ pink bike down, the dear run away and the cops run towards...

Any suggestions?  are stickers worth it? what company?  Paint scratches easy but is cheap.  Black plastics $650!!! not going to happen, that's a lot of spray cans...  






PS didnt have a CRF pic loded so....

custom tail I made.jpg

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I think it really depends on where and how you ride. For me I have to have graphics as I am sure I will scratch up my bike pretty good in the woods. 

For those that stay mostly on the street or ride very mildly off road then painting will be just fine.


just my thoughts ...  :blah:

For the metal bits, powder coating works well and is very durable.

What company for graphics are recommend?  do the graphics cover all of the plastic, no white showing?  Will they peel up easily and start accumulating dirt/ water?

FX / Factory Effex, Flu Designs [?], one two others, but it is irrelevant because none of them have made graphics for CRF-L.


do the graphics cover all of the plastic, no white showing?


No. They typically cover most of the rad shrouds, most of the side panels, only the ends of the mudguards. The edges are always wivisble, the graphics are not "wrapped" like is done nowadays with cars.

when ever I finally get around to taking my bike to RennerWraps I am going to see if they can sell online kits for all you guys  :thumbsup:

I think all they need is a bike to make the first one and from there you should be able to create and order online 

Dirtrider Thailand produce graphics for the 250l and they will work you with by email on the design or order what they have,last few I sold cost 2500b (approx $75) + shipping,they have a fb page and take paypal,speak great English or Nerdygraphic on fb too.

DirtRider Thailand has lots of pics on their facebook page.

Thanks for posting this.


Them graphics are for the 250r as the exhaust panal is a different shape but they told me if you supply any graphics picture/idea they will print it for the 250l.Cheers

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