XR650R Flag mount

I'm going riding in the Pismo dunes with my sons this weekend and I needed a flag mount. I searched the heck out of it and only found pictures of universal-type mounts. I did read of a couple people mounting a fabricated mount to the muffler subframe attachment point. Looked like a good mounting point to me so I made this. I finished it last night so the pictures are not so hot. This post is really just so some guy doing a search in the future can get a visual of what can be fabricated and not interfere with the fender, axle bolt, etc. The flag is just sitting in there, not yet tightened down. Pay no attention to the hacked fender. Ha!


I can put up better pictures in the daylight today if need be.


Untitled by thehoggster1, on Flickr


xr650r flag mount by thehoggster1, on Flickr

Edited by thehoggster

I seem to remember mounting a flag on the rear axle to ride at Pismo Beach.

I also seem to remember the knobby tire catching it and eating the flag. :smirk:


That looks like a good way to mount a flag for sand dunes.

Here it is in the light. Easy to make with a welder. If you don't have a welder, make 90deg bends and bolt up the pieces that were welded on here.


Untitled by thehoggster1, on Flickr


Untitled by thehoggster1, on Flickr

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