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98 KLX 300 Electrical tests

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Hi guys,

I got a 98 KLX300.  Bike cranks and runs fine so the ignition side works fine.  PO removed lights, so I'm trying to put back on so if I get caught out late, I can still see to get back to the trailhead. 


Problem I'm having is I don't have a Clymers manual on it, still looking for one.  The regulator is still attached, just disconnected, so I'm assuming if I hook it up, it should work... no joy, no voltage out.

There should be a test proceedure on checking for power out of the stator, which wires, resistence tests, front to back ratio on the regulator etc.


Here's the favor I'm asking:  Can someone please post the test proceedures and readings so I can get on with diagnosis?  That would be a big help.  Wiring diagram would AWESOME!





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I hope that you are using the AC voltage function to take voltage measurements.

According to the service manual:

There should be two yellow wires coming from the magneto to a connector. From the connector, there is a yellow wire (hot) and a black/yellow wire (chassis ground). The regulator is wired to a connector. The other side of that connector has two wires, brown goes to hot, and the black/yellow goes to chassis ground. Very simple setup.

Ride on


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