Yz450f from a Kx500? new here.

Hey guys i'm new to this forum, i do however read it a lot when i search questions it usually refers me to this site and i get it answered, but i have a question i want to ask that i couldn't find so i made an account to ask.



I recently sold my 05 trx450r, and i currently have a 91 Kx500. (well it's my dads but i ride it 10x more then him)   I've been saving up some cash i'm looking to add another bike to the family. I'm leaning towards a 450.   The Yz450f in particular.    And i was just wondering, is that what i should get? are these good bikes? would i be happy with it from a kx500? how does it compare in terms of power?

I know in a straight line a 450 4 stroke would have little chance against one of the 500's but i also know the 450 would have much better handling,  But i'm just wondering if i should make the transition from a 500 2 stroke to a 450 4 stroke? or should i go with the 250 2 stroke?  I do prefer 4 strokes mainly because fuel economy. the 500 i currently have is a PIG on gas, it has the stock tank and i will be lucky to get just over an hour on it...    


I mainly trail ride.  I do mess around on a friends track every once in a while but nothing professional.   I do also love enduro but i have another bike for that lol.     


also if i should get a 450, which one? i like Yamaha & Ktm the most but i'm open to other's opinions on the matter since i have never my self owned a 450 bike.     



Thanks guys.

These bikes are the definition of bottom end, a little too touchy throttle if you ask me. One minor mistake and you can get yourself real hurt. I could never ride one of these bikes to its full potential because of this, I would still be faster on a 250f or 250 2t because i'm more in control.


The only way you can tell is to go out and ride one, thats easier said than done, but see who you can talk to or kindly ask someone at a riding area if you could gently test it in the parking lot or something to get a feel for it because you'd like to buy one.


Also, you need to be extremely leary buying a used 4 stroke. Most are ticking time bombs, and they are not cheap to fix. If you plan on buying used, i'd set aside the money for a rebuild and plan on replacing the piston/crank/valves/cam chain and anything else worn out before it grenades on you.

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I know i have to set money aside for rebuilds. I am looking for a used one but nothing under a 2008.   I know if i find a bike that was raced i am well prepared to put money into rebuilding the top end, engine bearings and shimming the valves.    I have rode a 450 once before, but it was a 2005 yz450f you know? the steel frame 4 speeds. it didn't seem like to much at all, but that was probably 4 years ago and i didn't take it to hard on it  (that was in my more rookie-ish days)  

Back in "the day" I rode an 87 cr500. I can promise you that an 06 or newer 450 will make you so much faster. The chassis and suspension are so much better. I'd look at 06 to 08 honda or 06 and newer yamaha. Years after I sold my 500 I had a chance to ride it again and it felt like a dinosaur. I love the 450s . Have fun bike hunting.

I found a 2009 yz450f for 3150, the guy is bringing it to me this friday to check it out, hopefully i like it.

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