Float height check without removing carb...

Can it be done on a Beta using a clear overflow tube and holding it up to the carb?


Ever since I replaced my mixture screw (story in a different thread), I've been leaking a lot of gas from the overflow tube. The problem is, I've got a big ride starting in 2 days, and I don't have time to remove/reinstall the carb. My needle valve looked brand new, so I'm guessing I either:

1) got dirt in there

2) accidentally bent the float adjuster


If I could find a needle/seat/o-ring locally, I'd try and make the time to install it, but in NYC, I doubt anyone stocks parts like that. Plus, I don't know they really need replacing.

Right now, my plan is to go to REI/EMS today and buy a 64oz SS water bottle to carry extra fuel. Not ideal, but it should work. I'm just not sure how far I can go on a tank, now. (The gas drips pretty fast.)

the hose will work to show your fuel level, as long as you can get it on.

Have you tried tapping the float bowl with the handle of a screwdriver or similar?-often, if the floats are just hung up on a burr or something, it will jar them free and the fuel will stop dripping-even when bounding down a trail for hours hasn't freed them, a couple of sharp raps will.

The float needle and seat are standard parts and quite commonly needed-should be able to source them from any bike shop with a good maintenance dept. if they need to be replaced, but a good, careful cleaning/flushing will probably fix the problem if the screwdriver tapping doesn't.

Water bottle: have done it.  Found 2L soda/pop bottles work great-they are amazingly tough.  Tried 1L stainless bottles and they tend to spurt gas as you open them a lot more than the plastic-guess they are harder to fill to the top without air space, so the gas can evaporate and build more pressure/volume of vapours.  Personally feel safer with the stainless, but find the plastic works better.

Yeah, tapping the bowl didn't help. Plus, I've had the carb off since the leak started, and still have the problem. I doubt anything is actually damaged, because this started when I removed the carb to replace the mixture screw. So, it's something I must have done. I did spray crab cleaner in the float, not realizing that could destroy o-rings. 

You mentioned a "good" bike shop... haha, in NYC? They are all horrible.

As for the water bottle- I won't fill it to the top, but I'm getting a wide-mouth one, so it's easier to fill. This is a 6-7 day ride, and mostly off-road, so I'm not messing with plastic bottles, although I know they can work in a pinch.

Well, I called the only 3 shops in NYC that I could make it to before they closed, and they all said the same thing...

"Carb parts? I can order them, but don't stock 'em."


I figured as much.

then I'd pull the carb, clean and flush the float valve well, inspect with magnifying glass for any dirt/hair/threads/lint..., setfloat height, reinstall and hope it works-2hrs work for a lot of peace of mind-heading out on a multiday adventure with a known flaw is not something I would do willingly.

Heh, if it took me 2 hours, I would do it. I'm slow... what you suggested is practically an all-day affair for me. Plus, my bike is parked a mile from my apt (in a garage), so that just makes things more of a PITA. And, if I broke something, I'd be SOL because I wouldn't have time to get  a replacement part.

I bought a 64oz SS water bottle last night for extra gas. With the big Clarke tank, I'm hoping I can go 100 miles or so... I really don't know. The one saving grace is that it runs well. 

Why not try blocking the line and see how it runs or. re routing it up higher than the carb and see if it leaks then? 


well, good luck!

Not really much else you can do then-hope it shakes free during the ride:)

Just out of left field , have you checked the breather on the tank.


If you have shaken the tank and it's pressurized  it might be blowing through the over flow.


Easy to rule out


Good luck

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