DRZ-400E first bike questions

Hello, a dealer a couple of hours away from me has two DRZ-400Es for sale. One, a 2001 with 72 miles and a few mods and the other is a 2005 that is stock. If I pay cash they are offering $1625 minus taxes or $2100 for the 2005. 


I'm 6'1" about 220 so I think I will be able to handle the bike's weight. 


What do you guys think?

Im 5'9 and 150,  i can handle the weight,  you'll be more then fine being over 6 foot and 220.


got some pics of the bikes,  we could let you know if they look good or not. 

The 2 motorcycles are almost identical.  The 05 will have slightly updated suspension over the 01 (rear high speed compression adjuster).  But the 05 may also have the dumbed down performance.  The 01 will have the 39mm FCR Keihin carb.  The 05 probably has the 36mm Mikuni.  Easy to tell by looking or ask the sales person.  Most people want the FCR carb, the higher compression and the cams that go with it.  On the other hand the 36mm Mikuni, milder cams and lower compression are good too.  Not a huge difference in my opinion.  Price for either one sounds killer.  BUT any motorcycle that old and unused can have a few problems from sitting so long.  Ask for a new battery and make sure the fuel system is clean and ready to go.  The carb may need a kit just from age.

You didn't mention if both were plated or plateable. Don't know about La. but in Ca.that makes a big difference price wise.



Id go for the 05. Has better suspension yes maybe it has the mikuni carb ( whats not even to bad!) yet its not as good as the fcr 39mm but i think its easysier and cheaper to buy a new carb and fit it therefor your better off. Im a sm guy though.

How does anyone know the miles on a motorcycle with no odometer, only a trip meter?

I see no reason to buy a USED bike at a dealer,   dealers are for new bikes imo,   you'd be better off searching CL,   they probably paid no more then 1,000 bucks each for those bikes when they took them as a trade in.

I agree that the mileage is suspect but when checking craigslist there aren't many good deals on bikes for under 3k.

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The DRZ will be a good fit to your 6'1" body & you should be able to sit on it flat footed....unlike most of us who tip-toe on them. They are a well balanced bike & though a bit tall for some handle awesome even with the extra pounds. I zoomed on the '01 & there are good signs of wear on the side casing and frame areas. Look to the foot areas of both bikes to get an idea of use & mileage. As mentioned, the E's do not have od's but have trip meters....spin the knob to re-set to -0-. Just from the pics I would go with the '05 for the lower miles/use and the bit better components mentioned above. I'm a +1 with 150ron....I think you might find a better deal searching CList & possibly end up with some nice mods too. Good luck shopping & keep us posted on the winner.

Not really sure if I should jump on the deal or not. I feel like if I drive the 2 hours or so to check the bikes out I will want to leave with one. I'm considering just waiting it out for a better deal on a DRZ or a Honda or other make locally. 


If i would buy from these guys I think the 2005 would be the winner due to its lack of mods. 

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