Google setup for mud races

Last week I raced a mud race and pulled all my tear offs off with one pull on the second lap while leading anyways the rest of the race went down hill because I couldn't' see. How do you guys set up your googles for mud races? How do you guys make sure you don't pull off all your tear offs in one pull?

I actually prefer to use bing or yahoo when its muddy.

I assume you mean "goggle" and not and internet search engine!  One of the manufacturers, and I forgot who it is, has a system that you have to load, which is kind of a pain but here's how it works...The tab for the 2nd. one in the stack does not pop out until the one on top of it is pulled.  So, there's really only 1 tab to pull - the top one.  I forgot how many you can stack but it's quite a few. 

think motoxvet  might be talkin about spy goggles,  I have a pair of spy goggles i think their called mayhems, the end you pull  loops around and snaps to another tab, you have to load the pull offs one at a time, and the goggles hold i think 8 or 10 tear offs,

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