Yz250 more power

I am thinking about having my yz250 ported by Eric Gorr for more better or getting a 295 kit for more better how much difference is there between the two . My top end has 25 hrs on it so it is still better good. So the main thing would be the 400 price difference

295 should be better

Are you looking for better low end grunt or peak horsepower?  What do you use the bike for?  Porting will give you a good spread, a bit more grunt everywhere.  The 295 will do the same but i think you will get a bunch more off idle than just a porting job.

I am racing an hour long motocross/woods race in sand I would like more mid power to help get thru some of the deep sand sections and a little smoother power for the slick sections. I don't want to give any top end power or the ease the bike starts because we start from a dead engine start and my bike is great at this.

you would love 295,  mo Betta.  The larger displacement will give you a lot more power down low, while the mo Betta porting will give you more top-end than you have now.

Consider Derrick Harris. HPBIKES, yzstuff.com


YZ's are his thing

Is there any graphs showing the power difference between a 250 more better vs 295 more better

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