13 300 xcw JD jet help

So I've got a 2013 300xcw stock pipe/hard parts turbinecare2 silencer, no head mods or carb mods. I'm here on the Oregon coast so most riding is between 0-1000 ft and temps are between 45-70... I was running a 165 main, 35 pilot, n2zk needle on the third clip, and red pv... The bottom didn't seem to have much snap to it so that's when I got the JD kit and set up according to the sheet which is 162 main, 38 pilot, red needle 4th clip ... The bike seemed ok at the bottom and didn't seem to pull at the top so I put the 165 main in and this seemed to help a little bit. After the to I noticed spooge on the pipe which I usually don't have... Any suggestions? I btw I'm a varied power and rider lugging and Wide open. Thanks!

Did you try the n2zj needle in position 4 before the JD kit ? For your environment your pj should be a 35 wich could explain the spooge. The main should be 168 and 1.5 turns out on the air screw according to the book. Just seems like people are running strait over to JD before they jet according to the book. Just curious if the book was wrong or somthing, I have had good luck with the book.

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Also , what premix and ratio are you running ? The jetting charts from the manual are not as good unless you are running 60:1 motorX .

Sounds like it's running fat on the top end, I would drop the needle to the 3rd clip just to see if that helped.


FWIW, I set my '12 300XC-w up the same way with a JD jet kit, I'm running WP2 pre-mix at 40:1 with non-ethanol pump 92 and it runs great.  ~ really!

I'm runnin amsoil dominator at 60:1.... No I didn't try that needle because I've had good luck with the JD kits in the past so I figured I'd try them out again... So your runnin a 38 pilot, red needle on the 3rd, and a 168?

Depends where in elevation I ride and the temp. Right now I am 35, #3 and 165 for 2500-5000 ft , 61-78 F . Ran great last time out. Will be possibly jetting for 5000-7500 this weekend for 61-78 F , will need to do a needle and main change.

The manual seems to have you jet a good bit rich FYI

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