Need boots and knee guards in Colorado

Where is a good shop that I can try on knee guards and MX boots?  And with decent prices.  Preferably in CO Springs or Pueblo, Denver is a bit far but I will go if I have to.  Bought a pair of Alpinestars size 11 off ebay and they sent me a little kids size.   (Bang head against wall)

If you can't find what you are looking for in a local shop, you can buy from Rocky Mountain MC. They have an awesome return policy.


Performance Cycle in Denver is great but you can see what Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza in the Springs has first. Unfortunately Colorado Springs and Pueblo are smaller towns that don't have any serious shops.

Apex is bettet than rocky mtn. Not sure what a serious shop is but Apex is priced inline with most online shops and for the most part a knowledgable staff.

In Pueblo you have Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza, Timme Honda, Hymark Motorsports, Tote Gote, and Fremont Motorsports in Florence.

That far south, the only place I know of is Apex in Co Spgs.  Here in Denver there's a bunch of places...

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