'84/'85 XR 250 part id

Does anyone know if the brake disc and front brake service kit (all the seals) from an '85  XR 250 are the same on the later XRs, or were they one off for those years ?


The online parts diagrms I have found do not have consistent information about the part numbers. If I could use the brake disc and front brake service kit from a later XR, it would be helpful because no one seems to list parts for the '84 / '85 over here in the uk.


This is the front brake I have




and the wheel:


5 1/4" / 133.33mm  disc bolt centres, across the hub


disc i.d. 4.633" / 117.68mm


axle o.d.0.590" / 14.95mm




Most later brakes will fit. The original forks from my 84 XR250 (now on an XR200) have a set of brakes from a late 90s CR500.


As for the rotor, the currently listed hub P/N for the 84-85 XR250 is also used on 92-94 CR125, 92-94 CR250 and 92-94 CR500.


The rotor P/N for a 92 CR125 is also used on a ton of bikes. See list here: http://www.partzilla.com/parts/detail/honda/HP-45351-KZ1-771.html

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What XR said. 


First off the 4 bolt rotor is generic XR. My part fiche search shows a bunch of different part numbers but in the USA  45351-KBB-900 rotor is used on all of the mid 80s XRs.



The XR250 hub is also used on several mid 80s XRs & CRs.


Your pic shows an early caliper with fins, I have one on my modded XR200.

My old memory doesn't remember all of the details but my notes say the following calipers and bikes:

84-87 XR250s use the same pads, and the same rotors thru 90.

Thanks for the help guys. Partzilla looks like a handy resource, I wasn't aware of it. I can get this project moving now - looking forward to the end result - these 250 parts are also going on a 1993 XR 200, XR 250 front end and shock conversion :thumbsup:

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