250f vs 450f

I have owned a yz426f for a bout 3 years and recently got a rm 125(2stroke) I really do enjoy this bike.  Its fast and light.  For you Cdn's out there, I moved from Edmonton Alberta to NB.  The riding is very different out there and notice myself riding lots more with the 125 because of tracks out here.  


My question is... I'm about to buy a new bike, I'm looking at the 2014 yz250f and the yz450f.  Has anyone downgraded before from a 450f to a 250f, and did you regret that decision?  I have never owned a 250f before and I don't want to invest in 10G's if I'm not going to enjoy it as much.  I don't really want this topic to be about what color bike I want, but more of a regret losing power to lighter bike ratio.

If you think the RM125 is fast, the 250f will be too. Same power, wider RPM. It really comes down to how satisfied are you with the 125 level of power, or would you want a good amount more pep.


I didn't go 450f to 250f, instead 250 smoker to 250f, and I don't regret it. I also at one point went from a 250 smoker to a 125 smoker, and didn't regret that one either. I don't do wide open desert riding where more speed and more power is generally wanted, so keep in mind what  you  will want for the riding you do. 

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Do you race ?

Do i race, no I do not although it has been in the back of mind for a while.  I don't think I would do well with a 450f.  I don't do deserts or very many trail riding.  I am more into tracks.  Although if the tracks are too wet I tend to go to pits or trails.

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