2007 yz250f cam choice

I wanna cam my bike and Ive been researching various combonations and stages but I hear putting in just a stage one intake will increase the mid to top end without bottom end loss,and thats ultimately what im going for. The bike has an fmf 4.1 with power bomb and is jetted properly already. I also am wondering if I should replace or need to do anything else with the cam replacement beside maybe adjust vavles. I have all stock internals so im thinking about a new piston and maybe even replacing the cam chain. Any input is appreciated

Swapping to only the Stage 1 intake will boost lower to mid power only. Replacing only the exhaust cam to Stage 1 will increase the top end, but I would predict you will lose some mid range and low end power.

If you are replacing the piston, go with the 08 or newer Yam OEM piston.

Most likely, the valves' clearances will not need adjusting, but verify to be sure.

Also, replace the stock 07 carb needle. Go to a 08 or 09, which are much better needles. The 07 needle was the last year of poor performing OEM needles.

I have a dynojet kit installed so the needle has been replaced. I do plan to buy an oem piston but why the 08 rather than the 07? And by just spending the $ and swaping both I assume it evens out the power gains. And would it be a good idea to replace the cam chain while im in there?

. And would it be a good idea to replace the cam chain while im in there?

Absolutely right it's a good idea to change this. It's an inexpensive part that needs preventive maintenance so as not to chew up the teeth on your crankshaft.

The 08 piston is higher compression and makes the powerband more linear. With the stock piston, the lower mid range will be a little flat in comparison.

Replacing both exh and int cams to Stage 1 will boost the entire powerband.

Good idea to replace the cam timing chain while you are in there. A worn timing chain is tough on the crankshaft's sprocket. To replace the sprocket on the crankshaft, you will need to buy a complete crankshaft.

i have a stage 2 intake if you want, $60

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