87 TT350 Fuel Line Help

Good day Thumpers! I originally posted this posting in a different part of the website. Think this might be the correct spot...We'll See?


New to the forum. I've been working on a 1987 TT350 project. I've run into a bit of obstacle with my carburetor fuel lines. Just not positive where all the lines hook to.


YAMAHA Carburetor.jpg


I am 99% sure of where/what A, D, and E are for, just confused as to where B and C hook to.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


A= Main Fuel Supply

D= Fuel Drain?

E= Overflow?


B= ???

C= ???

A is fuel

The rest just hang below the bike.

They are vents and overflows

Please clean the carb.

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