1986 YZ125 stator puller help?

I've used the same stator/flywheel pullers for years but this '86 YZ125 seems to take an odd size, so I ordered one from Dennis Kirk. It turned out to be like one I already had and was way too large at 27mm OD. This YZ looks like it takes around 18mm(?) OD with an inner threaded bolt.


I looked through Motion Pro's catalog and Yamaha's online accessory/tool finder and can't seem to come up with one anywhere...anyone familiar with this model and where one of these might be found? Any help is appreciated. 



After looking closer.......Your flywheel looks nothing like mine actually. If you are positive that its 18 MM, you would need this puller --




For some reason, several parts catalogs say both an 18 and 27 mm are for this year YZ. Maybe they changed the flywheel during production at some point?

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Thanks, that 18mm eBay puller looks like it will do the job! I'm not 100% sure if it's the right one but it's worth a $14 gamble. I'll place the order tomorrow. 


It's funny how the parts catalogs contradict themselves on the correct size. I'd narrowed it down to thinking the '85-'87 125s used the smaller stator...but yours obviously takes the big one. At this point I don't care what's supposed to be right as long as it works.   :goofy:


I just picked this bike up for a winter project, something to keep me busy. Do you have much saddle time on your '86? Anything you can share about the power and handling? 

Actually mine isn't running either......I just bought it about a month ago and I'm rebuilding it as well. Right now I'm trying to figure out why I have no spark. Its looking like the stator. By the way......Is this the stator you have? I guess you may not know since you are working on getting the flywheel off. Thats another thing that has confused me. Ive seen two different stator types that are completely different. The one pictured below, and then a wheel type. Im trying to figure out how in the world to test this thing to see if its bad.




Yep, that looks like my stator - the inner rotor type. You can test the stator by using an ohmmeter. My Clymer manual says to set the ohmmeter to Rx100 and check for these readings:


PIck-up coil resistance: red to white/red = 390-476 ohms

Source coil resistance: brown to red = 1293-1581 ohms


Let me know if this is a help. I'll be checking mine this weekend. 

Now Im even more confused man.......red to red white? Which red are they referring to? You go by the 125T model specs in the manual right? The only red on my stator connector is the red white. I have brown, black and red white. Brown to red white gives me 398 ohms...Something isnt right for me.......See my CDI has a red male connector but I have no female red coming from the stator like it seems there should be.

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Sorry, didn't mean to confuse you. I didn't have my stator in front of me, I was just quoting specs from the Clymer manual for the 1986 YZ125S. Both the 1985 YZ125N and 1986 YZ125S are given the same specs. So I looked for the 1987 YZ125T specs but they have a completely different color scheme than yours (white, white/green, brown, red). 


I'll be giving my bike a look this weekend to see if I can help you make better sense of this. Just some of the obstacles when working on a nearly thirty-year old motorcycle...

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