2009 Suzuki DRZ400S power shuts off when I stand up

The bikes only engine mods are a jet kit and a 3x3 mod, it runs excellent on the road but I noticed this problem when I ride off road especially through sand rollers.  If I stand up off road and try to go fast and only if I stand up the bike falls on its face power wise, its like the cylinder is not getting spark.  The second I sit back down the power is right back on like nothing happened.  My best example is if you are on a riding tractor and lift your butt for a second the thing starts to stall and then sit down and its fine again.

Is there something I need to disconnect, please help.

The bike only has 180 miles and its basically brand new.

And I promise I used the search button and could not find the answer.

Thanks in advance. 

kickstand switch?

kickstand switch?

+1 to that idea....probably a fatigued spring!

Check for any pinched wires around the seat.

I would say Kickstand switch would be the first item to address .

Maybe you're stepping on the brake. 

There is no pinched wires and I'm definitely not stepping on the brake so that leaves the kickstand switch.  Is that an easy disconnect or will I need to purchase something to close the circuit.


Wires need to be cut and spliced together or a connector jumped to permanently connect the wires.  Once you do that you will be able to ride off with the side stand down.

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perfect thanks im sure I can find that fix with a search, ill do that and ride this weekend, if its not that I'll let you guys know. 


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