what bike coming from drz125

I am selling my drz125l and am getting a new bike. I do trail riding but I might do hare scrambles next spring. I am an aggressive trail rider and my bike seems majorly underpowered. I was thinking of getting a yz125 or 250 or yz250f or wr250f. Which one would you recommend? I am 15, 5'9" and about 130 lbs. I want bike that is cheap to maintain so I am kinda leaning towards a two stroke yz125 or 250.

Also how often do u have to change top ends on a yz125 vs a yz250? And does the 250 get better mpg?

my dad thinks I should get a trail bike like crf230f or ttr but I think they would be underpowered and I would get bored very quick. opinions?

yz125 rebuild it once a year if you race, do regular maintenance, its cheaper to own a 2 stroke and there great at hare scrambles 

anyone else??

get a 250f

When I came off my drz 125 I went to a 125 and it was plenty of power and suspension to get used to. The 250 2 stroke would be too much for you coming off a drz 125 to ride to its full potential and be comfortable on imo. I rode 125s for 4 years because I had so much fun on them, then I got a yz 250 and missed my 125 2 stroke so I bought one to have as a spare bike...in other words 125s are plenty of fun and you wont be disappointed coming off the drz 125 imo. 

If you want low maintenance a 230 would be almost no maintenance. A wr250f is maintenance free other than oil changes and other small things. A 2 stroke would be a bit more but nothing too bad.

ok I am definitely going to get a yz125 if I can find a good deal. But there is a really good deal on a yz250 near me. I have heard that the 250 will have more torque and low end and u have to do less rebuilds and it is better on gas, is that true?

ok I am definitely going to get a yz125 if I can find a good deal. But there is a really good deal on a yz250 near me. I have heard that the 250 will have more torque and low end and u have to do less rebuilds and it is better on gas, is that true?

you dont want to jump to a 250 2 stroke  right away.  you will hurt yourself

ok. how far can u get on a tank of gas on a yz125 trail riding? I go on 40-50+ miles rides. Can a stock tank take me that far?

usually a 40 mile ride takes me about 2-3 hrs

Get a 125 two stroke or a 250f

The Honda Crf230s are great bikes that are indistructable with 0 maintenance but are heavier then a normal 250f and you would probably get bored of the power quick.


If you're looking at the lowest maintenance and lowest cost I'd go for the 125 there fun bikes and a great stepping stone to the 250 two stoke.

Yes the 250 Two Stroke has way more torque and low end power but the difference from coming from a 125 4 stroke play bike to a 250 2 smoker would be way too much.


Another good alternative is the KTM 144/150sx, They are solid bikes and are a good middle ground from 125 to a 250!

For trail riding the WR250F, CRF250X would be a nice step up from DRZ125.  Better power, suspension and brakes over the CRF230F option your dad is suggesting.  The advantage to the CRF230F is that it is indestructible and lower maintenance than these two enduro bikes.  The WRF's have a very good reputation for lower maintenance.


For two stroke step up bike, that would be a  KTM200 or KDX200 (not made after 2006).  The 125 two stroke is a good step up bike from the DRZ, but not really enough displacement to be a great trailriding bike and does not have a wide


All of these options that I have offered up are 3 to 4 times more HP than your DRZ125L (and significantly heavier and taller), much better suspension, much better brakes and will all cost more than the CRF230F (with the exception of the KDX200).

A ktm 200 and kdx 200 would be good too, I just wouldnt get a 250 2 stroke, its not that you cant ride it, its that the learning curve will be larger. I think the yz 125 is a great choice but im definitely biased on that choice.


40-50 mile trail rides arent a problem, I know I did 40-50 mile trail rides pretty frequently on my 125, then there are always options for larger gas tanks or keeping a bottle of gas in your pack and filling it up when you stop for a break, I remember doing 40 mile rides for sure though although the tank was looking pretty empty when we got back to the trucks.

thanks for the info. is a 1999 yz125 a good year? I could get one for 900 maybe 850 or 900 is that a good price?

*850 or 800*

I would probably rebuild the bottom and top end.

For trail riding, don't forget about 200 2t's. They're very trail capable as compared to 125s, with about the same power. They have much more low-end, which is what you need for woods riding. However, some people do make yz125s into very woods friendly machines.

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