Crf250r brake adjustment

I have a 2006 crf250r and i was wondering if there is a way to adjust the touchiness of the front and rear brake. I have the service manual but couldn't find it in there. Any guidance or help would be great thanks.

Usually if you are having brake issues, it is because the pads are glazed and/or the lines have air in them.


Remove the caliper, remove the pads, and rub the pads against the concrete floor in your garage in a figure eight pattern until you can see that they are all scratched up and the glaze is broken.


Clean the pads off with brake cleaner and a rag, spray the rotor with brake cleaner, and use a scotch brite pad to clean any oily residue off the rotor.


Remove the brake line clamp on the fork guard, and pull the line with the loose caliper down as far as possible, in order to get rid of the U shaped bend in the brake line above the handlebars.


With the brake caliper as far down as possible, rotate it in all directions a few times, to work any air bubbles out. Then one by one, push each piston in, until they are both bottomed out. Install the pads, then pump the brake until the pads grab the caliper. You can repeat this process several times to purge air bubbles up the line to the master cylinder.


You will be amazed at how much of an improvement this will make to your brakes. If you have air in the lines, the pads won't release from the wheel, and the pads will cook, and then the brakes will get grabby, feel hard but not stop well, and will grab intermittently which can make you tuck the front end on downhills, and it can be really hard to diagnose.

Thank you very much for the help. I will do this tomorrow

Also check the adjuster nut located by the front brake lever. I usally have that screw pushed all the way in.

Or just replace it with a better lever, the folding levers give you better adjustability anyway. Trackside levers from cyclegear $29.99

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