2010 crf250r any good?

Hey all I'm looking into getting a new(er) bike. The 2010 crf250r seems the best for me and my price range. Thrust wanna know any problems with the bike And overall how good they are with the new fuel injection. I wanna know things like how hard are they to start and how good they are power wise.


Solid bike, you must take tour time to set the suspension clickers and sag to take advantage of the new frame geometry, If the bike get more than 60 hours be sure a new crankshaft get installed or plan for one. But you wanna love EFI, so smooth power delivery, easy to start everytime, everywhere.

thanks. do the cranks go out fast or is it just normal to replace at 60 hours? I'm only a novice rider who is just started racing and wanna beable to get 100 hours out of a crank because im a tight ass on money these days and dont like to spend heaps of money on rebuilds. and also are there any valve issues like the older ones or was it fixed in 2010?

No more valve issues, I get 100 hours on my OEM one without any move, just replace for high compression one


The 2010 crankshaft isn't the best parts Honda ever made, the 2012 is really much better, a lot can do 100 hours on stock one, but this is a high risk gamble

Yeah thanks for the info, I would like to get a race season out of a crank without trouble because I wanna be able to do all my rebuilding in the off season. I ride pretty frequently and do about 30-50 hours a year by my calculations. My current 08 has valve problems and I just decided to get a newer bike because it was going to cost the same to get a newer bike then to rebuild mine

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