what lights are supposed to be lighted all the time?

i was coming home at night and i ran out of gas.  i pulled over and added some gas.  at this time, i noticed that my taillight was not working.  my brake light worked, though.   So, when i got home, i looked at the bulbs in the front turn signals and the rear ones and all the bulbs have a single filament.  Doesn't that mean that neither the front turn signals nor the rear signal markers  are supposed to light unless we are signaling? i could have sworn that the front orange lights light all the time.  Maybe i'm thinking about my road bike.

For running lights the headlight and the tail light only is on. Turn signals only when activated on a stock machine.

Headlight , taillight and speedo .

Nope, no front or rear marker lights on the DRZ.  Just signals.  Rear signals are amber so federal regs do not allow them to be marker lights.  Federal regs are - front markers amber, rear markers red.  Signal lights are amber front and red or amber rear.

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