1986 Honda Cr250r Cylinder question

okay guys..i am trying to put a 89 cylinder on my 86 honda cr 250r,,,i was told that 86~89 will work..tho i searched online everywhere and couldnt get no real answers that people has ever done it... here is the cylinder i bought..and please scroll down on the link and read what the seller says.  ~~~>  http://www.ebay.com/itm/331020099217?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649  ok so i went to bolt it up and it bolts up and even the gasket kit is from 86 to 89...but the two bottom end bolt studs were to short,,,so i ordered the longer studs..i also ran into another problem with the waterpump spindle cam going into the exhast valve in the cylinder...86~87 had spring loaded hpp valves and 88~89 was very similar but wasnt spring loaded..so i did some research and seen that you can get a 88~89 crankcase cover and it will bolt up so i bought one that had the similar water pump but it has an arm that connects onto the spindle cam follower..where on the 86 it does not...so i bought the 89 spindle cam to match the crankcover and the 89 cylinder,,,i hooked everything up and it feels okay i guess...now the only other difference i found other than the valves and the bottom end studs was inside of the cylinder there is 2 extra holes in the cylinder wall than the 89..i am thinking that shouldnt much matter..because in 89 they made some improvements to get the bike to kickstart better...and the rings dont hit as i move the piston up and down..so that feels good as well...has anyone ever tried to put a 89 or 88 cyl on a 86 or 87 bottom end? if so explain what you done..and for the ones who did not...do you think its going to run and run right?  i will post a couple pics..ty very much for your time and sorry about the spelling..i am not very good at spelling :(  thanks again guys   Rob*






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