Scaphoid Protection

Hello, I have just recovered from a lengthy scaphoid fracture after a crash in May on my dirt bike.  I did research for future protection, and all I could find is Knox Armor, who have a line of gloves with a plate build into the palm.  I have been trying many ways to purchase the ORYX model to give it a try, but it is proven very very difficult, if not imposible.  I went right to the source in UK, but they don't offer any shipping methods for canada.  Motovan Canada is a distibutor but they don't have any in stock.


Has anyone used Knox Armor?


Is there another glove that offers scaphoid protection?



Yeah, the scaphoid is a real bitch to break.  I did my right one 3 years ago, resulting in surgery, and I just did my left a few weeks ago, resulting in surgery yesterday.  The right scaphoid resulted in a 9 month healing time, and I almost had to get a bone graft.  Fortunately it ended up healing, so I'm hoping for a similar recover this go around.  I have never heard of their glove, and I have never heard of any glove that actually offered scaphoid protection.  You can order the gloves, but I honestly wouldn't get my hopes up man.  

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