Number Selection


I'm tired of staring at blank number plates on my bike. I was wondering what goes into getting a number assigned. When I raced BMX in high school, the ABA assigned you a number for your region when you got your membership. Is there something similar for the AMA or any other sanctioning body? I don't race yet, but I'm thinking about getting started when I get home to NM this spring. Part of me just says to pick a favorite number and slap it on there, but I don't want to have to take them off later if I get assigned a number for the local racing.

Any thoughts?

Most local race tracks don't care what number you run, unless your local track is Glen Helen and your racing an AMA national or AMA sanctioned event.


Yup, even AMA tracks let you run any number you want unless someone who signed up before you that day has the same number. I used the year I was born.

If you race Dez then you really need to have a # assigned so they can keep track of your points.

My first yr I did not know any better so I had to add a 1 to the front of my # so I could get pnts and not be confused with the other rider w/same #.

It is very simple.

Just go to a local shop and ask which Organization is in the area. If they don't know , they should have a flyer for a race or know a name of a club you can contact to get in touch with the local organization.

Really very easy and well worth the research b4 lyou spend the $ and time on installing #'s


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